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I live very close to StPaul.Thats about an hour and a half north east of edmonton.

I love dogs and plan on getting a lab next year some time from antlermeadows:)

Very much love all breeds..not the mixed ones sooo much though..they are cute but the purebreds are much nicer!


Hope to learn more on the lab....I want to learn everything I possibly can about the breed!

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Reply antlermeadowlabs
5:38 PM on November 17, 2009 

Thought I would update you on Kia (although Iam sure you already saw on the website) she had her puppies on Monday morning. She started whelping at 1am and finished at 8:30am. She had 7 healthy pups, 3 black males, 1 chocolate male, and 3 chocolate females. I will be adding pictures soon!
Reply C.Faith
7:32 PM on November 11, 2009 
Well I do agree 100% with you on people breeding sooo many dogs and puppies just for money and all the wrong reasons.They do it at such a sick rate too.
I have been on the kijiji site alot and OMG there are sooo many people on there who are selling puppies,puppies and more puppies..poor things!
There are some good reputable breeders on there but very few!
I found that out later....and I am fully aware now.

I find it very sick too, people I think should buy from thier local "good breeders"
at decent prices and stop supporting backyard or puppymill breeding! Its sick!
Reply Sandi Evans DS Acres
5:45 PM on November 11, 2009 
Hi There,
I have owen three labs now, Maggie being the most recent and I most say that she is a joy and very smart, energtic. She is now 16 weeks on the 15th. She is starting to fetch, and is very photo genic :) * she loves the camera lol *
The Labs are very loyal, loving dogs........ all three were/are are indoor dogs, Maggie turns herself inside out when i head to the door to put my boots on. She is right there with me when i feed the horses telling who needs what :). Sarah goes through alot to make sure her pups are soicalized and come fromt he best breeding possible. She gave me a schedule as to when Maggie needed her shots, deworming, what kind of food would be best , when to increase the food and when to switch from Puppy to junior. Sarah has worked in a vets clinic for sometime and very knowledgable and set all my concerns at ease. Specially since i had just lost my chocolate lad Levis (female).

Lads are known for there easy going temperment, Full of energy which you can train that when you are in the ouse it's quieter time then whe you out. They just love to be with you, Maggie will be in a dead sleep if i get up and leave the room she's not for behind me.

When you are triaing them positve reinforcement goes a long why with them, that and they love their food so that halps on the training end LOl Concistancy is the key and it will not take them long to learn. Maggie was create trained within two weeks however she had us trained in 2 days lol

I apologize for rambling but I can not say enough about Maggie, Sarah and her dogs I personally do not think you would find a better breeder or dog.

I would like to say though, I am not a rich gal and with getting married in July even less so.... However, I paid 800.00 for Maggie what she has given me in the 9 weeks of having her is PRICELESS to me this is one of the best investments I have ever made.

If you have anymore questions or just want to talk you can contact me either on here or my e mail [email protected]
Reply antlermeadowlabs
4:34 PM on November 11, 2009 
Thanks so much for the nice things you said on our guestbook page (I try my best to be a great breeder) and we would love for you to get a lab from us when you are ready!! You are more than welcome to come out once the pups are old enough and meet them (just for the experience) and the parents and of course us!!
Reply antlermeadowlabs
4:31 PM on November 11, 2009 
No we don't. We never have and don't plan too. I worked in a vet clinic for the last 6 years and have seen way too many people breed dogs to make money. I don't want ANY of my dogs or puppies to ever experience that. I don't breed them to make money and honestly I really don't make too much after all the payments (food, vaccines, microchips, dewormings, dewlcaws, vet appointments, registration, ultrasounds and all the money I spend on making sure the parents are very healthy, happy dogs. Also I think that the breed is slowly being ruined by people breeding these dogs for the money and not caring if the sire or dam is fully certified so they end up passing along genetic problems to all the pups. I just cannot in my mind or heart give breeding rights out with the pups. They are a huge part of my life for 8 weeks and I want to make sure they will be in the right homes and be cared for properly, not a money maker. Not to say everyone is like that but I can just never guarantee that the pup would never be put in that situation so we have choose not to give them with any pup at any time. Sorry if I am sounding too "overprotective" I have just seen alot of disgusting situations working at the clinic.
Reply antlermeadowlabs
9:16 PM on November 9, 2009 
No pups yet :( She is very very close... poor girl just wants to lay around and not move too much... I will post as soon as she has them!
Reply antlermeadowlabs
9:12 PM on November 9, 2009 

Thanks so much for joining my site!!!! Do you have any labs?

Thanks again,